Monday, May 09, 2005

My experiences in Interaction design

Just the other day, while taking a bath, I found that the place where the soap is kept in my bathroom lacks sense of interaction. It is a small projection from the side of the tub but what makes it horrible is that it is very flat. Since the soap is wet during bath, it keeps slipping down when I try to keep the soap back after using it. If the projection had been a bit curved at the bottom instead of being flat, it would have helped me to slip in the soap and also would have helped me to hold and remove the soap keeping my eyes closed.

The second usability culprit was my dustbin (as are many of them). They usually decrease in width (like an inverted cone) from the top to the bottom. This way, the plastic cover that holds the garbage cannot hold more at the bottom and the bin gets filled very quickly. But providing a bin with a lesser width at the top and increasing downwards doesnot look good.

A solution to this would be to provide the regular width at the top, curve it in the center and more width at the bottom than the top. This way, it looks good and is user friendly.

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