Sunday, December 07, 2008

UnRandom Non-Ramblings | Relativity, Everyday - I

A few of lines of thought I have been thinking for a while now. They are now refined enough and shareable.

Realization: What is realization? Now we have all heard of this.  And getting the meaning of this word is "so near, yet so far".  We relate realization to an "absoluteness", to absolute value, that, when one is realized, becomes a Buddha or is immediately elevated to a higher mental status than most of the population.

Lets look at this slightly differently. We hear a concept, a nice new phrase which expands our normal line of thinking. An example would be "Universal Language of the World". A beautiful phrase. An abstract concept such as this is quite open ended. It needs us to "understand" the concept, and of course all of us make an attempt and most of us do understand it. Thats the first level of realization of that concept. 

There are some people who can apply many more meanings to the same concept, in addition to the most popular ones. The same concept appears in several more flavors. They manage to apply them in more contexts. So they "realize" the same concept in more dimensions. This brings us to the hypothesis "realization is not absolute but relative". The same person can be in a higher state of realization in a subject of his interest and may be in the basic level in a totally new subject. For e.g. a simple statement such as "users are not designers" is a phrase that everyone understands in its primary meaning. But to a user experience professional, the same phrase yields more meanings than its direct  literary meaning.

The more dimensions, perspectives and contexts a person can apply to a context,  he would be more "realized" in that subject. And as one sees many perspectives in multiple topics/interests, he would progressively become more"realized" overall. So realization happens everyday to each one of us and never stops. When one becomes conscious of this fact, the realization becomes meaningful.

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